summer I love school

I got this exchange by email this morning, from the mother of one of my kindergarten students:

Child: (after running down the stairs just now) “Mom, is there school today?”

Mom: “No, we are going to go to an egg hunt in 30 minutes, go get dressed.”

Child: (sigh complete with rising and dropping of shoulders with a deep breath) “Well can you email Ms. Cathy and tell her I miss her?”

Mom: “Yes, but aren’t you excited about the egg hunt?”

Child: (another deep sigh) “Yes mom, but I want you to tell Ms. Cathy I miss her…”

How marvelous that, with all the awful things we are hearing about education, there are still children who love going to school. It makes me feel good. But this lovely little dialog between this darling kindergartner and his mother, who was thoughtful enough to share it with me, is really not about me at all. It’s about a method of educating children that makes them love to learn, and even miss school when it’s the weekend.  Imagine a world where children happily jump out of bed on a Monday morning, delighted at the thought of getting into their classrooms, and getting to work. Imagine a world where we have to do a bit of group therapy whenever a long holiday, like Winter or Spring Break, looms on the horizon. As a teacher in a Montessori charter school, I feel very lucky to be part of that paradigm. Thank you once again, Maria Montessori!